Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey! I Have a Blog!

So...I'm not sure how this whole blog thing works... so bare with me. I've been thinking about making this blog for a long time, and after being bugged enough about it...I've decided to give it a go. To start off I will share some awkward experiences from last night.

  • First of all, I was at Family Home Evening and I thought I was wearing matching pants with a girl named Alice (Well her name isn't really Alice, I'm just changing all the names, remember?). Anyways as soon as I noticed I said, as the room went completely silent, "Alice! We're wearing the same pants!" I got a few strange looks after that, and it turns out they weren't even the same brand of pants!

  • Second awkward moment: I was on a date and we had gone to get ice cream (YUM!). We just ate it in the car on our way to the movie theater. He let me try his so i ended up having two cups of ice cream in my hand and he said, "Pound them!" So of course i hit the cups together with a very confused look on my face. I soon learned that "pounding" something also means eat it. He was telling me to eat them both! My bad!


  1. Oh my!! You are awesome!!! Love ya girl!! You keep us smiling

  2. Thanks for the laugh! I needed that today:)

  3. You are so funny! I'm glad you have a blog now. It will be another way for us to keep up!

  4. That is a typical kandance moment ha ha!