Sunday, May 23, 2010


Dear faithful readers,
I know that SO MANY people look forward to reading my blog (haha) so I apologize for not updating forEVER! Actually like a month...anywho...
So this past month has been quite eventful and I've had plenty to blog about that made me happy :) Like:
  • Moving home
  • Finding out I got good grades Spring Semester
  • Going to Kennah's wedding
  • Going to Lagoon
  • Going to state soccer and the RSL game
  • Going back to work
  • Going back to my Single's Branch
  • Attending graduation and not being sad
  • Receiving the Book of Mormon challange
There have been numerous other joyous things in my life, but I kept waiting for something super awesome to happen to blog about, like these other things weren't "good" enough for some reason. But, as I am constantly reminded, you can't wait for happiness to happen to you- you MAKE your own happiness. I'll be better with that for sure! Because being unhappy is super lame.