Tuesday, April 27, 2010

101 Lessons From the Past 12 Months

I have nearly completed my first year at SUU and I've learned a lot!
  1. The last few weeks of High School are absolutely worthless
  2. Graduation isn't that cool
  3. Parents still give a curfew even when you're a legal adult (at least mine do)
  4. Dental Assisting and working with a bunch of people older than you is actually really fun
  5. I was not meant to play softball
  6. Speaking in church 3 times in 2 weeks won't kill you
  7. Single's Wards/Branches are a blast
  8. Taking a nap on the boat at Lake Powell will give you a sunburn
  9. Following the promptings of the Spirit can save your life (seriously)
  10. Having a birthday near a holiday means you will not be home on your birthday. Ever.
  11. When you work for you're dad, don't be surprised when he wakes you at two in the morning to go to an office for an emergency.
  12. Don't eat a lot of food or not get much sleep before assisting an extraction. It might make you a bit queasy
  13. Take ALL of your antibiotic after you get your wisdom teeth out
  14. Packing for college for the first time is very difficult, you have no idea what to bring!
  15. Ikea has really cool heavy duty bags that carry everything
  16. Ikea has really cool...everything. I could live there!
  17. The 1st week of college (like before school starts) is the most fun
  18. The rest of college is pretty fun too
  19. Even though you don't have a curfew at college, give yourself one or else you might be extremely tired every day
  20. Going home to visit your family is a lot of fun!
  21. Going home to visit your family is weird too because you don't live there anymore
  22. When someone calls you at 2 in the morning looking for a missing roommate, don't answer the call.
  23. Professor's are kinda stuck up sometimes
  24. Homework in college isn't that bad
  25. Taking 17 credits your first semester won't kill you
  26. Become involved in your new ward fast so you don't get pushed aside
  27. Save your quarters to do your laundry
  28. Make sure you don't end up with someone else's laundry in your load
  29. Don't gang up on your roommates
  30. Do your dishes
  31. Go to institute every chance you can
  32. Go to math everyday
  33. Go to every class everyday. It pays off in the long run.
  34. Finals week isn't that bad
  35. Facebook is a big distraction
  36. Make time for your family when they come to see you
  37. If you set your roommate up on a date with a guy, she might stay with him. Forever.
  38. Read your scriptures, pray, and read your patriarchal blessing when you're feeling down
  39. Do all those churchy things when you're happy too
  40. Keep in touch with old roommates
  41. Make friends with anyone and everyone (unless they're creepers)
  42. Take risks
  43. Take lots of pictures
  44. Eat.
  45. Keep a thing of ice cream or popsicles in your freezer at all times
  46. Wal-Mart is a source of entertainment, not just a place to shop anymore
  47. It's ok to wear your sweats to school
  48. It's ok to take 5 minutes to get ready for class
  49. It is not ok to do so everyday
  50. Going home for winter break is really weird
  51. Going back to school after winter break is really depressing
  52. Don't be afraid to ask people to give you priesthood blessings
  53. Make friends with people in your hall
  54. Judge others slowly
  55. Don't bottle up your feelings
  56. If you have a problem with someone, tell them
  57. Yet again, if you set your roommate up with someone, you might not see them as much anymore (unless they break up)
  58. Stay friends with people you went to high school with
  59. Set a good example at all times, in all things, and in all places, you never know who's watching
  60. Have Glee parties with your friends
  61. Blogs are fun
  62. Pandora changes your life
  63. Take your roommates to the ER when they need you too, you never know when you'll need them to take you
  64. If you wake up at 530 shaking uncontrollably, you should probably go the hospital
  65. If you start shaking again and your lips turn blue and your hands turn yellow, you should definitely go to the ER
  66. Don't take your new Ugg boots to a hotel
  67. Even if Dr.'s keep prescribing pain killers, don't always get them filled. You don't need them
  68. If your roommate gets mono...be careful
  69. If your tonsils take up your entire throat and antibiotics don't help, you might have mono
  70. If you have mono...well life sucks
  71. If someone you know has mono and they're extremely depressed all the time, take it easy on them
  72. Go to classes if you can get out of bed. Even if your sick.
  73. If your professor emails you with a job offer, take it
  74. Doing your homework in the kitchen with your roommates may not be very productive, but it creates memories that'll last a lifetime
  75. Don't have a boyfriend your first year of college, it's more fun that way (at least it was for me)
  76. Institute teachers give awesome advice
  77. Parents give awesome advice
  78. Prayers are always answered
  79. Advisers know what they're talking about
  80. Getting mail is the best! Especially from missionary friends
  81. Don't lead people on
  82. English 2010 is hard
  83. Western movies aren't that bad
  84. If your teacher is a hippie, write a paper about Moab
  85. The writing lab is helpful
  86. Working as a computer lab assistant is a very legit job
  87. If someone offers free food, take it
  88. If someone offers free anything (except drugs and stuff)
  89. Movie nights rock
  90. Teaching Relief Society is really scary
  91. Make sure you watch all of general conference in case your Bishop asks specific questions about it
  92. Dance classes are...interesting
  93. Don't pull into a deep gutter filled with snow
  94. Spring break rocks
  95. The library is nice to study in
  96. Don't start movies at midnight. You won't survive
  97. Keep in touch with your family
  98. Eat healthy every chance you can
  99. Go to the temple when you have the chance
  100. If you're scurred, go to church!
  101. BE HAPPY, even if you don't want to

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank You Moab

I love Moab so much. In fact, I even wrote my final paper in English 2010 on the transformation of Moab from an Old West farming and ranching community to a New West tourist community. And after reading my first draft, my professor said, "Wow Kandace, you're Moab paper blew my socks off!" This week I have to finish my final draft and luckily, it is quite enjoyable because, for once in my life, I'm actually passionate about the topic. So I would like to publicly thank Moab for being so awesome and beautiful. And also for providing a wonderful topic for my final paper. (It probably helps that my professor actually moved to Utah after reading Edward Abbey's book, Desert Solitaire, which is all about the beauty of Moab)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Quote

"Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day. It is a choice based on the knowledge that we belong to God and have found in God our refuge and our safety that nothing, not even death, can take God away from us. Joy is the experience of knowing that you are unconditionally loved and that nothing - sickness, failure, emotional distress, opression, war or even death - can take that love away."
-Henri Nouwen

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have been wanting to update my blog for a few weeks now, but I honestly haven't had anything happen in my life recently that has made me very happy. I've been so stressed about school, where to live next year, papers, projects, and preparing a lesson for relief society. To top it all off, I got really sick again! grrr. It's times like these that I start asking myself,
Then I realized...things really aren't that bad. I have everything I need in my life right now. I have a loving family, great friends, good grades, the gospel, and the sun is shining today! I have a great life ahead of me and I love where I'm at right now. I just need to relax, have patience, and trust that everything will work out in the end. It always does :)