Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Best Day

Thursday, February 25 was possibly one of the best days ever for many reasons. First of all, I got a lovely new roommate. She rocks my world. Second of all, I only had one class. Third of all, we cleaned the apartment and it was spotless. Fourth of all, there was some serious, much needed, roommate bonding time! Fifth of all, I had a few awkward moments, which doesn't make for the best day, but it does provide some grand opportunities for blogging!
  • So I was at work, just chillin, and this girl came into the computer lab. A few minutes later a boy came in. A few seconds later they started making out. AWKWARD
  • It was time to close up the lab and this husband and wife were in there and I let them know that it was time to get closing things down and they got super mad because they still had a minute left! Grrr...that wasn't really awkward...just annoying.
  • After I got home, I was in the kitchen talking to a few of my roommates and my new roommate (we'll call her Jane) came in and she looked really cold, so I said, "Jane! Want some hot chocolate? I don't have any, but I'm sure one of the other roommates will give you some!" Let's just say the other roommates looked at me like I was an idiot because I was offering their stuff away. I mean, they would've let her have some, but I sounded really dumb haha
  • Later on, the roomies discovered I had never had Del Taco before, so we decided to go. After I took my order, I told the cashier "Gracias!" Apparently, talking in Spanish in a Mexican restaurant, especially with a lot of Mexicans working, makes you look really silly. But sometimes, I can't stop the urge to speak in Spanish, especially when there's lots of Spanish type things going on around me!
Needless to say, it was a wonderful day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Down With a Sickness!

Dear blogging world-
Sorry I haven't updated lately. As the title says...I've been sick. So I'm gonna update ya'll on my life...and this post will end with an awkward moment (woot woot!)
February 6, 2010: I woke up with a sore throat so I decided to get it checked out in case it was strep. They told me it was just a head cold and told me to get plenty of rest and plenty of fluids and such.
February 7, 2010: I woke up and could hardly talk, or swallow. So I decided to not go to church and sleep all day.
February 8, 2010: I went back to the doctor because my left tonsil was HUGE and red and I was in serious pain. Turns out it was tonsillitis. So they prescribed some anti-biotic, loratab, a steroid to help swelling, and ibuprofen. So I started taking all my pills and hoped for the best.
February 9, 2010: I woke up at 5:30 in the morning shaking uncontrollably. I tried putting blankets over me, but I was really hot. So I just started crying. I was covered in goosebumps too. I was super scared. So I called my dad and woke up my roommate. Taking a shower and some Tylenol got me settled down enough to fall back asleep. I was thinking that my fever broke so I'd start getting better. Psh... Ya Right! At about 11:30, while I was taking all of my meds in the kitchen, I started shaking...AGAIN! Except this time, my lips turned blue and my hands turned yellow. So my dear roommates rushed me to the ER. Turns out I had a fever of 105!!!!! (At 106, people start getting brain damage or they die) It was super scary. They took a bunch of tests and gave me an IV. My dear mother came and visited me and I stayed the night with her and started feeling better. THE END....kinda
My tonsils have still been bothering me, so I decided to go to the Dr. today. I wanted to go to a different office though. My friend had referred me to another Dr. and said he was really good. My insurance also covered him. So my mom looked him up online and gave me the phone number. When I went to my appointment and realized that it was a clinic for Paiute people. All of the paperwork asked what tribe I was part of and such. I'm not any part Paiute, or any Indian for that matter. Everyone kept looking at me really weird. Needless to say, I felt very silly. But they took good care of me, they were really nice. It was just funny. Especially when the Dr. came in and said, "You don't look like an Indian, you must have insurance."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"What in the?" Moments in the Life of Kandace

So...this wasn't really awkward...just super duper weird...and slightly creepy. A couple weekends ago, my roommate and I decided to by cute nail polish and paint our toes just for fun! And they looked way cute! We got cute little stickers and everything! They've lasted awhile looking good too! Except on my left foot- the middle and pinky toe's paint has chipped off. I had to go to a meeting tonight and put on some shoes, and I only had the shoes on for like a half hour tops. When I came home and took my shoes off, all the paint was missing from my big toe on the left! And I looked in my shoe and couldn't find ANYTHING! Not ok! It looks like it just wiped off!!!