Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Best Day

Thursday, February 25 was possibly one of the best days ever for many reasons. First of all, I got a lovely new roommate. She rocks my world. Second of all, I only had one class. Third of all, we cleaned the apartment and it was spotless. Fourth of all, there was some serious, much needed, roommate bonding time! Fifth of all, I had a few awkward moments, which doesn't make for the best day, but it does provide some grand opportunities for blogging!
  • So I was at work, just chillin, and this girl came into the computer lab. A few minutes later a boy came in. A few seconds later they started making out. AWKWARD
  • It was time to close up the lab and this husband and wife were in there and I let them know that it was time to get closing things down and they got super mad because they still had a minute left! Grrr...that wasn't really awkward...just annoying.
  • After I got home, I was in the kitchen talking to a few of my roommates and my new roommate (we'll call her Jane) came in and she looked really cold, so I said, "Jane! Want some hot chocolate? I don't have any, but I'm sure one of the other roommates will give you some!" Let's just say the other roommates looked at me like I was an idiot because I was offering their stuff away. I mean, they would've let her have some, but I sounded really dumb haha
  • Later on, the roomies discovered I had never had Del Taco before, so we decided to go. After I took my order, I told the cashier "Gracias!" Apparently, talking in Spanish in a Mexican restaurant, especially with a lot of Mexicans working, makes you look really silly. But sometimes, I can't stop the urge to speak in Spanish, especially when there's lots of Spanish type things going on around me!
Needless to say, it was a wonderful day!

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