Friday, January 15, 2010

Awkward Moment of January 14, 2010

To show that I have awkward moments everyday (are you paying attention brother of mine) I am going to include the date of the awkward moment. I might write it on here a day late, but I will write it nonetheless.

So last night i was watching a scary movie with some friends. Except it was really dumb. So I made sure that I let everyone know that it was a dumb movie and I wasn't scared. Not two minutes later I scary part happened and I jumped, screamed, and nearly kicked my friend I was sitting next to in the face. I was two inches from breaking her nose, and her glasses. Everyone proceeded to make fun of me because I was saying the movie wasn't scary. But really, it wasn't, at all. Except for like two parts....O well, guess I better watch what I say during scary movies from now on...

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