Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrilling Thursdays

I've decided that no matter how hectic my life gets, I'm going to post on Thursdays, no matter what. Unless I'm on vacation. But, I'm super sick of the internet at my apartment complex. And I'm sick of my laptop hating me. That's why this post will NOT be having any pictures. Lo siento. Also...this post is going to be super short because I have class in exactly 10 minutes. Lo siento...again.

So life has been fine lately. Nothing extremely exciting. I'm just really happy to be almost done with school and go home for the summer. I miss working at my dad's office ever so much!! Also, I think I'm going to invest in some new scrubs for this summer's work. I'm stoked. Scrubs are probably the best things ever. I considered going into the medical field for like two seconds, just so I could wear scrubs everyday.

Also, I love institute ever so much! On Tuesday we had a lesson entitled "These things shall give thee experience". Definitely my kind of lesson. In fact, I gave the thought and quoted from this book that I'm reading. It is most excellent. You should probably read it. Right now. You won't regret it. Anyways, back to institute. I sure love the gospel. Lately I haven't felt too excited about anything, except for things I've learned recently from church, conference, and institute. They make me want to to a back flip with joy. Sadly, my body cannot handle doing a back flip, so we'll just pretend that I'm awesome enough to do a back flip.

Sadly, I will not be attending institute today because......

I get to see my family!!!!! WAHOOOOO! I sure do love them.

I better run to class. If I didn't have to run right now, I'd write something inspirational....Sorry, sometimes I fail at life. Well not at life, sometimes I just fail in general. But that's okay. I'm a happy failure :) tehe

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