Thursday, December 2, 2010

Surprisingly Saddened...

You know those times in your life where everything seems to go wrong, but you've enjoyed it more than you really should have?

Take this morning for example: I had class at 10 (but I should technically leave at 9:40) and didn't roll out of bed til 9 ish. I had been awake since 7:30 (thank you email notifications on my cellphone), but I just couldn't bring myself to get up! So when I finally got up at nine, I decided to look cute today by curling my hair...not smart. By the time I finished getting all ready it was 9:35 which left no time for breakfast. I hurried and put some snacks in a bag to eat during class for breakfast (I eat like a champion) and went to locate my converse but I could only find one! So I had to find a different pair of shoes (that aren't quite as comfy but are equally functional), but it took forever to find them too! By this time it's 9:45 and my roommate is waiting for me to brush my teeth and pack my backpack so we can walk to campus. By the time we walk out the door it's 9:52. At approximately 9:55, I realize that I didn't grab my paper that was due in my 10 o'clock class and hurry and run back to my apartment only to find it was in my back pack the whole time. As I walk through the parking lot of my apartment complex, again, I slip and nearly face plant on the pavement (thank you hands of mine). As I'm shop walking (aka speed walking) to class some creeper man in a truck honks and waves at me. And then I walked into class late (obviously). Needless to say, today started as what could've been a really really bad day, but you know what?...

I can't stop smiling!

Why you may ask? Because my morning was freakin' hilarious (yes mom, that expression deserved a sentence enhancer). I mean, I was seriously a frantic mess on the second to last day of classes! How unlucky is that?! But yet, oh so awesome (some may call it situational humor)

This leads me to my next point of this blogpost...

This semester has managed to be both the worst and the best time of my life and I'm sad it's nearly over. My life has seriously been insane in the last three and a half months-ish. First of all, for whatever reason, I signed up to take 18 credit hours (including biology AND chemistry), I got engaged my 1st week, had a long distance fiance, had a part time job, tried to balance being social and anti-social all at once, began planning a wedding, and then (to top it all off) became unengaged. In the 2 weeks following the ending of my engagement, I had 2 big tests, 2 big papers due, teaching relief society, and it snowed.

Wanna know something?

I've never been so happy! This semester was so fun and I've learned so much! I've had my all time 3 favorite classes this semester (complete with my 3 all time favorite professors), I've learned more about the world around me than ever, I have the best roommates and neighbors and friends ever, I've learned a lot about my family, and I've managed to have tons of fun and be absolutely crazy (like a college student should be!).

This doesn't mean that it hasn't been hard. I've wanted to give up so many times ("giving up" would include lying in my warm bed all day, watching chick flicks and crying the whole time, eating way too many tubs of ice cream, wearing sweats, not wearing make up, and listening to every sad song on the planet). But luckily, I didn't. I've done what I can to learn everything possible from all of these experiences and I still have tons to learn.

What's really helped me is my institute class. This semester I took a class that focused on sermons about the Atonement in the Book of Mormon. I've never understood the power and importance of the Atonement like I have learned this semester. Because of this class I was able to understand that life doesn't always make sense, but no matter what happens, my loving older Brother knows exactly what I'm going through and will do everything in His power to help me if I let Him. He wants me to be happy and He is so glad that I'm learning the things I am at this point in my life. I have no idea what's going to happen next (in fact I'm almost worried because my semesters keep getting crazier and crazier, remember my near death experience?!). But I do know that in the end, everything is going to be great and the right things will fall into place! So awesome!

Besides...It's more fun to be happy instead of sad, no matter what is going on in your life!
(But I really am kinda sad this semester is basically over)


  1. You are inspiring.....and also my hero.

  2. Kandace you are AWESOME! Keep smiling and being happy!

    P.S. We REALLY need to see each other! So many things have happened in our lives since we last were together. I think we are in serious need of a lunch date over Christmas break! Love you girly!

  3. Wowzers, you are amazing, Kandace! I LOVE reading your blog! You are quite an awesome girl :)