Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rambling and Dreaming of the Ocean.

If you ever read my entire blog, I'm sure you will see a constant theme of

"Look, I'm blogging again!"
"I need to be better at blogging"
"Someday I'm going to have a super cute blog that everyone loves to read"
(That last one may not have been voiced until now)

But, alas, I have proven time and time again that I am not a consistent blogger. You can thank my dear friend Tailor (she as a blog worth aspiring to) for getting me to post today.

Now the question is.... What will this post be about? (It will be a surprise for me too...)

I can't write an update of my life because it's been far too long....

Nor can I post photos of myself looking ridiculously spectacular in my lovely wardrobe because I definitely love sweatpants and baggy sweaters too much (this weekend in particular)...

Nor can I post the delicious food in my life lately (in case you were wondering, yesterday my diet consisted of cereal, a microwave burrito, and Papa Murphy's. And lots of Diet Coke)....

But I guess I can post about some thoughts that have been weighing on my mind... 

January of 2013 was possibly one of the most hectic months in my life. It was one of those months where it feels like everything changes. Some of the changes good, some bad, some confusing, some by my own choice, some by others choices, some because I was trying to do the right thing, and some simply came naturally because life happens. 

As I have been going through these changes, I feel myself complaining a lot, which is dumb of me. I have such a blessed life and none of the changes in the last month were truly bad. In fact, all were right, which means they were all good. But change can be hard.

If you think about it, even the constants in this life continually change, even while they remain a constant. For example, the ocean, to me, is a constant. It is huge, full of water, salty, relaxing, and a place that fills my soul with joy. But think about how many changes even the mighty ocean experiences in a single day. It does not hold still with its waves continually growing, rolling, and crashing into the beach. It's level seems to rise and fall in extreme amounts, when, in reality, the tide is just changing. It gets mowed through with innumerable boats, barges, and cruise ships. And, since it is a home for more creatures than one can even imagine, it witnesses new birth and the passing of a life every single day. 

But the ocean is still there crashing into the beach and bringing joy to many people of this world. In fact, it is it's daily changes that it perseveres through each day that makes it beloved by so many people. Without the waves, beaches wouldn't be quite the playground they are for people all over the world (and hott surfer men would not exist). Without the change of the tide, tide pools could not exist with all of their fascinating creatures, nor would beaches exist. Without the boats, barges, and cruise ships, shipment, travel, and extravagant vacationing would not be a reality. More importantly, most of the world would never have been discovered! And without the ecosystems of the ocean, many people could not be fed, we could never see coral reefs, and it would probably mean the ocean is not a place for living things to even attend. 

So as I ponder the ocean and how it changes throughout its continual consistency and how those changes make it what it is, I know that I can be true to myself. You can always count on life changing, and it is these changes that make life exciting and worth it. Without change, we can never progress. Without change, we would not even be on this earth today. Most importantly, without change, we could never be truly happy.

P.S. I really am craving a trip to the case you couldn't tell!


  1. Oh my gosh! This is such a fantastic post, Kandace. I am so in love with your ocean analogy. This was perfect in so many ways! Thanks for being such an inspiration and a great friend :)

  2. Love it! Church today was just what I needed, and this completely tops it off. I've been thinking so much about change lately. The ocean analogy is so deep! (pun intended ;) Thank you!