Friday, March 25, 2011


So remember how last post I said I was going to put a bunch of pictures on this post? Well that's not happening because I'm home right now and not on my laptop so I don't have any pictures to post. I'm essentially just blogging to entertain myself this fine evening. My philosophy professor would refer to this post as "rhetorical fluff" (even though the rest of my blog would probably be considered rhetorical fluff as well, this post will be especially fluffy because I'm just going to be rambling on and on and on)

So let's see...what to ramble about....hmmmm

Well, life is pretty awesome. It's always been pretty awesome, but it's especially awesome today because I wore a hat today! Now I know for most girls hat days=bad hair days, but for me hat days=getreadyin15minutesandtrytodosomethingwithyourhairthatpromotesaslittlestressaspossible
days. Let me tell ya, wearing a hat ALWAYS reduces my stress level! And I always get compliments on my hats! Maybe I'll start wearing hats everyday? Na, probably not.

Let's see, what else is awesome....

  • The fact that Libby Liberty has four wheel drive makes my life. As well as the fact that Dillon knows how to work Libby's four wheel drive through a blizzard through Salina Canyon in March.
  • The fact that I have a choclate-y mint in my mouth right now. Those are always de-lish!
  • The fact that I used to hyphens in that last bullet point is pretty cool. Hyphens in general are cool. They help you create new, ridiculous words.
  • The fact that I got to educate myself about dental liability insurance throughout dinner tonight. (Dad you owe me. Oh right...I bet this is payback for the past 19.5 years, plus you've employed me for the past 4 summers...we're even)
  • The fact that we listened to the most random music selection of my life on the way home today. I now have a cd player in my car, so i whipped out my good ol' cd collection and we listened to all of the cds without any identification written on them and then we listened to classics, like NSYNC and Now 8 and 9
  • The fact that my roommates and I were absolutely insane last night. Number 5 was well overdue for some craziness. I think we should thank the epicness of the BYU game. That got us all sorts of hyper. Especially when Parson's (from Florida State) winked at us while throwing in free throws.
  • The fact that my toes are a minty green color right now. I think they're pretty cool at least.

K, I'm done listing off the randomly awesome things in my life right now. There's lots of other awesome things that are definitely much more important happening, but sometimes it's fun to be random...right? Well I sure think so.

For all of you who actually read this entire post, you are good souls indeed. And you've earned some mega brownie points in my book.

"The world always looks brighter from behind a smile."

-Author Unknown

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  1. Thank you. I am a good soul. Brownies? Sounds good. Think I'll make some.