Monday, October 3, 2011

Recent Realizations

Conference was so spectacular, even though I didn't take notes, so I don't exactly remember all the talks... But I do know one thing, Heavenly Father sure knows what I need to hear in my life. Lately I've been beyond confused about everything. Nothing is really making sense. At all. But after the Relief Society Broadcast and listening to conference, it reaffirmed the fact that Heavenly Father loves me and is fully aware of all my confusion, and soon enough I will be unconfused! Woohoo!

On another note, I have made the best realization ever in the last month. I know, epic. Here's a picture to help you guess what it is...

No Idea??? Well, I have realized that I just need to stop doing my hair, because it does kinda cute things without the use of any heat products. I know. Shocking. And yes, I've let my hair do whatever in the past, but I learned a new trick! Steam! Just shower and let your hair get damp and it will do the rest on its own. In the end you get wavy, healthy hair, both of which are awesome. 

One more realization, I love doing homework in my living room!

I'm not really sure why. Possibly because we have a Justin Bieber poster, or a "Stop! Hatin's bad" sign, or the natural lighting. Perhaps I'm just in love with it all. 

Speaking of studying, I have a test in a couple hours so I should probably stop blogging! 

Goal of the week: 

Forget Not to be happy! 

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  1. Your hair looks awesome! I would love if mine did that! Soooo glad you enjoyed conference, I did too!