Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This semester, I am taking philosophy and it is kicking my butt so far. The professor seems way cool and there's some fun kids in the class, so I'm gonna stick it out. Oh ya, and I'll learn a lot, which is always a bonus.

So today, I was doing the reading for class tomorrow. We are reading Descartes' "Meditations on First Philosophy". It is definitely at a much higher level than anything I've read lately and it turns my mind into mush. But that's okay, because it definitely makes me think. In today's reading, Descartes talked about a piece of wax that had recently come from a honeycomb. He analyzed it and recognized it's shape, the sound it made, the color, and it's smell. He then put the wax over the fire, which changed it's shape, sound, color and smell. Then he said something very profound about the wax:

"For Whatever came under the senses of taste, smell, sight,
touch or hearing has now changed;
yet the wax remains."

This got me thinking... I'm kind of like the wax! I've changed so much in the past few years in so many ways!


This picture is from like 5 years ago! I look like a baby! And I probably acted like one too! (well...not really, but i was seriously a child!)


This picture is from my senior year. I was super blonde and super crazy! And I had no idea what I was doing with my life! Just livin' the dream!


And this is me now! Even though I look different, act different, feel different, and believe different things then I used to, I'm still me and NOTHING can change that!

That's why I liked that quote so much! Even though I've been through the Refiner's Fire (like the wax), and I know I will continually be refined, I still get to be me no matter what! No one can make me someone different than who I am! And I'm so grateful because I love being me! I'm probably the best Kandace Mary Hugentobler there is!

Moral of the story: Philosophy is cool, even if it makes your brain mushy for a few hours. You are you no matter what. Embrace your "you-ness" because you're the only you there is and I love you for being you!


  1. Thank heavens old dogs can still learn new tricks. This old dog just learned.
    You are beautiful, Kandace.

  2. Great Message! You are the best Kandace Mary Hugentobler there is or ever will be. Love ya, Mom